Outreach and Dissemination


Communication with the project end-users at the conference "Russia’s Arctic Cities: Sustainable Development and Challenges", June 27-28, 2016, onboard of the Lenin Icebreaker, Murmansk, Russia

Lenin Icebreaker conference

in Russian

Тепло сибирских городов греет Север [Esau, I.: Heat of Siberian cities warms the North] 12-09-2016

Холод (научно-популярный фильм) [Kurchatova, A.: The cold (popular science movie)] 01-01-2016

Caution! The project partners support only the materials and conclusions drawn from own projects' results and shown in this movie.

in French

Norilsk, ville polaire, cité du nickel, Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2016 [Laruelle, M.]


Telephone interviews with the urban planning authority in the County of Finnmark, Norway, November 2015 (documents avaialble for project participants only)